Review: Taylor Swift's "Fearless" rerelease outshines the original with new songs Taylor Swift continues to amaze fans with her latest album, “Fearless (Taylor’s Version),” which released April 9.  Although “Fearless” debuted in 2008, Swift recorded and released the album for a second time, along with unreleased songs from her “vault”, due to complications site link with her previous record label. Big Machine Records, which she signed onto in 2005, owned the original recordings of her albums “Taylor Swift,” “Fearless,” “Speak Now,” “Red,” “1989” and “Reputation.” The label then sold the masters to Ithaca Holdings, owned by Scooter Braun, without giving Swift a chance to buy them back.  In response to the sale of her masters — only the albums prior to her new label Republic Records — Swift said she would record those songs again with the masters under her ownership. On Feb. 11, Swift announced the release of the first re-recorded album.  “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” includes a 26-song track list — 13 more songs than the original album, including six “From the Vault” songs and featuring artists Colbie Caillat, Marren Morris and Keith Urban.  Title song “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” feels as magical as ever. Swift’s vocals outshine the original, which sets the tone for the entire album. In the 2008 album, Swift’s clarity while singing was not a strong point, but with the rerecording, her growth as a singer is highlighted as she has more strength behind her voice when belting and enunciates her lyrics. Of the original 13 tracks, “The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)” seems to be the one that changed significantly. The song reflects on Swift’s relationship with her mom and growing up. Compared to the original, Swift sings in a lower register and has lightened up on the supporting instrumentals. Swift’s adoration of her mother is very apparent in the 2008 track, especially in her tone. But in “Taylor’s Version,” Swift’s tone is more appreciative, particularly when she sings, “And you’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world.”  One of the most notable “From the Vault” tracks is “Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault).” Written about her whirlwind romance with Joe Jonas in 2008, “Mr. Perfectly Fine” immaculately conveys the anger and frustration of seeing an ex move on after the relationship. Coupled with a country-pop beat, Swift’s angsty lyrics will get fans singing along, especially at the bridge where she sings about her own healing: “Now I'm Miss ‘Gonna be alright someday’ / And someday maybe you'll miss me/ But by then, you'll be Mr. ‘Too late’.” A lackluster track, “You All Over Me (Feat. Marren Morris) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault),” misses the mark compared to Swift’s other “From the Vault” songs.


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