Injured Construction Workers' Rights in the U.S. The construction industry is dangerous in its nature. Therefore, both employers and employees must take safety rules seriously. In this article, we will discuss types of injuries and legal options for an injured construction worker. A construction worker is a dangerous profession that poses many risks to the employee’s health. To understand the scope of a problem, let’s pay attention to figures. In 2018, there were 4,779 worker fatalities in the private sector. Those that occurred in construction make up more than 20 percent. It means that one in five workers’ deaths were in construction in 2018. According to the construction accident statistics, the four leading causes were: The latter category includes the situations when a construction worker was compressed or caught-in by objects or equipment, caught, crushed, or struck in collapsing equipment, material, or construction. A construction accident report states that the elimination of these fatal causes would save 591 US workers’ lives annually. On the whole, the Fatal Four were accountable for almost 60 percent of construction workers’ deaths two years ago. There are many ways a worker can get injured on construction. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the most frequent causes of a construction injury are: Failure to wear appropriate protective gear – this includes personal protective equipment like safety glasses or hardhats that prevent injuries. Electric shock – Those who directly deal with power tools, generators, electrical wiring are exposing themselves to high risks of electrical burns. Motion injuries due to repetitive actions – a muscle may get work out or damaged because of repetitive physical activity. Trench collapse – it can cut off air supply; therefore, a worker may be buried alive. Falls – Falling from heights (for instance, a piece of machinery or building) can lead to severe damage and even death. Learn why health and safety will weigh more heavily in investors’ assessments of company performance post- pandemic and how to streamline your health and safety reporting within ESG frameworks.


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The intersection has also been a site of a number of traffic fatalities, most recently in January 2018 when the death of Bay View resident Karen Wolf prompted residents to petition the county for safety improvements. Andrew said roundabouts have a natural “traffic-calming effect,” compelling drivers to slow down as they approach. County Engineer Paul Randall-Grutter said roundabouts have been used successfully to improve safety at dangerous intersections. Before a roundabout was put in at Best and McLean roads, Randall-Grutter said it was “the most dangerous intersection in the county,” and contributed to at least one fatality a year. He said he remembers only one serious accident since it was installed. The estimated cost of the roundabout to be put in at Farm to Market and Josh Wilson roads is between $1.4 million and $1.8 million, and will be funded through the county road fund. Andrew said he is working with Public Works staff to apply for grants to supplement local funds. Construction is set to start in June, but the completion date depends on whether the county closes the intersection during work, Andrew said. If the intersection is closed during construction — Andrew’s preferred option — he estimated work would be completed in about 3 1/2 months. If the intersection is kept open with limited lane closures, construction would take about eight months. “While it does disrupt traffic and require detours, it does help improve safety and speed ... and reduce overall project cost,” Andrew said of closing the intersection during construction. County Commissioner Peter Browning said he expects he and his fellow commissioners will make a decision soon on whether to close the intersection during construction. On the one hand, he said a three-month project window is compelling. However, many nearby agriculture businesses use this intersection frequently during the summer, and detours would be difficult for them. Regardless, he said the improvements here are a long time coming. He said drivers on Josh Wilson Road don’t always realize traffic on Farm to Market Road doesn’t have to stop, and pull forward when it’s unsafe. This contributes to collisions and fatalities, including that of a childhood friend of Browning, he said.